Add Google Keyboard to Gboard “Undo” button: Miss typing mistakes!

Good news for you! Now you can add Google Keyboard to Gboard “Undo” button and easily erase your typing mistakes.

Hey, Android users! Do you ever accidentally delete something while typing or write a wrong word?

Do you think you are losing a lot due to not having a “Undo” button in Android keyboard? Well, don’t worry now!

We know that Gboard is an excellent keyboard, but there was always a shortage of “Undo” button in it.

But now, Google has found a solution to this problem. Although this is not an official feature, a great work -round is present that you can add Google Keyboard to Gboard “Undo” button.

  • Add Google Keyboard to Gboard “Undo” button
  • What are the benefits of Undo button?
  • Undo button in gboard: some important things

Add Google Keyboard to Gboard “Undo” button

This new feature is not yet an official release, but it has recently appeared in beta testing for some users.

The current requires a clever trick to add the UNDO button. But don’t worry, we will guide you in detail here.

Step 1: Enable Japanese Keyboard

  • Open the Gboard app on your Android phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on the “Languages” options.
  • Click “Add Keyboard”.
  • Find “Japanese” in the keyboard list and choose it.
  • Select “12 キー 日本 語 入力” as the first option for Japanese keyboard and tap on “Hua Gaya”.

Step 2: Use Undu button

  • Start typing text in any app of your choice.
  • If you make a mistake, just switch to the Japanese keyboard.
  • The Japanese keyboard will have a key with an arrow in the upper left corner. This is your “Undu” button!
  • Tapping on that button will make your last action (typing, erasing etc.) undone.
  • You can tap this button again and again until you are happy with the changes you have made.
  • Then, switch back to the English keyboard for your typing.

What are the benefits of Undo button?

This new feature can prove to be a game-changer for Android users. Take a look at some major benefits here:

Easily fix typing errors: Now you can undo a button tap to typing mistakes, automatic errors and wrong removed texts.

Save time for better productivity: By eliminating the requirement of disappointing editing and rewriting, the “Unex” button can reduce the time to be spent on your keyboard and can increase your typing speed.

Increase confidence in typing: Knowing that you can easily undo any mistake, you can type with more confidence and with less hesitation.

Works with all apps: This UNDO button works in any app you use, making it a very versatile and useful tool.

Undo button in gboard: some important things

  • This feature is still in beta: the UNDO button is not yet available to all users. If you do not see it in your gboard, don’t worry – it is going to come soon.
  • An alternative method: If you do not know the Japanese language, you can type “Undu” in the “Dictionary” section of Gboard to use the UNDO button.
  • Some limitations: Undo button cannot work in some cases, such as when you are typing in another language or when you are putting an Emoji or Sticker.

The undo button in the Gboard is a revolutionary feature that will help improve typing experience and reduce errors.

This will definitely be a boon for all Android users. We are eagerly waiting for the official release of this feature!

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