Apple Watch Ultra in Black: A New Secret Prototype

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Apple Watch Ultra In Black Prototype Leaked: After the recent release of Apple Watch Ultra 2 and various other iPhone lineups.

There may be a chance that Apple is developing a new prototype of their next-gen watches.

Apple Watch Ultra in black prototype leaked through a post on X by a tpister named ParrotSWD, rumors have risen about the possible new Apple smart watch with major changes like plastic action button to cut cost.

On the other hand, the FCC filings served as the basis for these rumors and the leaker said that the latest prototype has a similar design to Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Ultra.

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Apple Watch Ultra In Black Prototype Leaked Changes

At first, it seems that the action buttons are made of a different material, probably plastic. Again, similar to the new MacBook Pro 14′ and 16′, the Watch has a space black-like finish.

The leaked black Apple Watch Ultra shows the most noticeable difference in that it employs a plastic action button.

It is possible that Apple could have done so as a way of reducing the cost of the watch since titanium is an expensive material.

However, it is also likely that Apple is just trying out different materials for the action button.

Lastly, the watch on these images has got darker ceramic finishing at its bottom which is dissimilar from current Apple Watch Ultra models having beige/cream ceramic finishing.

Such a dark finish reminds of Apple Watch Series models’ dark bottom finish.

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Why The Real Watch May Be Different Than This Prototype?

Apple Watch Ultra currently only comes in one colour scheme. (Image: FCC)

However, it remains unclear whether this prototype shown in FCC’s public photographs was abandoned by Apple or it is still being worked on.

The latest version of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 ( generation) is currently offered in one color, which is titanium.

It also comes in a single case size of 49 mm. In the market you can purchase it for ₹89,900. The watch provides options for bands, including the Alpine Loop, Trail Loop and Ocean Band.

Designed with durability in mind, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a of the line smartwatch that features a robust design and a large display. It boasts a battery life that caters to the needs of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

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In this article we discussed the Apple Watch Ultra In Black Prototype Leaked.

A black Apple Watch Ultra might have been in the works at Apple, if the leaked images are anything to go by, but whether it will ever be released is still unknown.

The back made of black ceramic is indeed a bold design choice that would further enhance the luxuriousness of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Nonetheless, Apple may have opted not to make this model available in black due to either aesthetic or practical reasons such as its susceptibility to scratches more than titanium finishing.

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