Google Messages’ New Interface With iMessage-Like Features

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Google Messages’ new interface with iMessage and latest features is a blessing to Android users. Google Messages is the most common texting apps on android phones got a big update. This update has brought new features that are very useful.

Besides, they gave the updated and newer user interface the same looks. Google Messages’ new interface with iMessage is almost indistinguishable from iMessage, which is a messaging app for iPhones.

What’s New In Google Messages’ New Interface With iMessage?


Photomoji is a new feature being launched by Google that lets users take pictures and crop out specific objects.

Such cutouts can be sent as custom photo emojis in response to any message through the Google Messages application.

Your newly created photomoji can be used as content in this group chat for sharing with other users. Apple’s live stickers are similar to this.

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Voice Moods:

Voice Moods is yet another feature that will be included. You may use it when you want to send a voice message emphasizing something.

After recording the message, users have nine different emotions to choose from including laughter and party fever.

Once your voice message has been delivered, the person who receives it will “see a visual effect” that emphasizes what voice mood you chose.

Screen Effects:  

Also, this feature has been incorporated into Google Messages. The screen fills up with lively immersive effects when certain messages are sent.

For example, type “I love you” and watch the screen effect and the exploding heart emoji. In total, Google claims that there are more than fifteen screen effect prompt words.

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Other New Features From Google Messages

With the new Custom Bubbles feature, you can change the theme (background, text bubble color, etc.).

Google just wants people to know they can make their conversations look anyway they want and that it is not about blue vs. green bubbles anymore.

Reaction Effects – additional effects appear whenever you respond using emojis on a message. Lastly, Animated Emojis are part of this update; these facilitate sending real time emojis with a number of fantastic effects.

How Android Messaging Is Slowly But Surely Getting Better

It seems like Google is finally getting serious about its text messaging game after years of treading on eggshells. RCS messaging has spread widely.

According to Google, 1 billion people use the platform every month. Even Apple is expected to adopt RCS messaging. “We’re happy that Apple also took their first step two weeks ago by announcing they are embracing RCS” Google’s response.


In this article we discussed about Google Messages’ new interface with iMessage. According to Google, this new update is already available on the app’s beta version. Other users will eventually receive an update from the Play Store with these new features.

If you use other messaging services, you can download the Google Messages app from the Play Store. Update your Google messages to get into the beta testing program and try all these new features immediately.

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