Exciting Deal Alert: Google Pixel 8 is available with a discount of 12,000 on Flipkart; Grab The Deal Now!

Google Pixel 8: Are you searching for an affordable Flagship smartphone within your budget? 

Now, you can purchase one of the top smartphones on the market for low prices.

Flipkart: The company is currently selling the Google Pixel 8 at a significant discount of around Rs 12,000 for eligible customers customers. 

This brings the 128GB version of the Pixel 8 down to Rs 63,999. The variant with 256GB is priced at the price of Rs 70,999. 

The price is especially attractive considering its claim of fame — the amazing camera system that is the most effective among all smartphones and even iPhones. 

Additionally, Pixel 8 operates on a pure and authentic version of Android, which adds to its appeal.

How do you benefit from the Rs. 12,000 discount on Flipkart? 

These are the details of the deal. The immediate discount of 12,000 Rs is only offered to Flipkart customers who have cards from HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, and ICICI Bank. 

The reduction immediately is subtracted from the maximum retail price (MRP) that is applicable to the handsets, which are around 75,999 for the Pixel 8 128GB, Rs 82,999 for the Pixel 8 128GB, and Rs 82999 for the Pixel 8 256GB. Pixel 8 with 256GB.

With these discounts, there are also additional discounts that are available to users of Pixel 8. Pixel 8. 

For instance, those who have an account with a Flipkart Axis Bank can get a cashback of 5%, leading to a discount of approximately 15,000 when cashback, as well as immediate discounts, are weighed.

If you don’t own cards from the banks listed, there are still discounts on Google’s Pixel 8, although they are not quite as large as the markdown of Rs 12,000.

In light of the possibility of getting that Pixel 8 at Rs 63,999 with a discount of Rs 12,000.

The question is whether it is worth purchasing. To answer this question, you have to examine the capabilities of the phone carefully.

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