How can I Update Google Play Services?

There are many instances when an error is shown when you open the Play Store and it asks to update Google Play services. But we don’t know How to Update Google Play Services?

In this article we will tell you How to Update Google Play Services? We will provide different ways and explain each medium through a step by step guide.

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How To Update Google Play Services Through Google Play Store?

To update Google Play Services, try to update it from the Play Store only, it is the easiest and the safest way. However, “Google Play Services” is a core system component and is hidden.

You cannot find it by default in the Play Store even if you search for it. Nevertheless, there is a way to go around this problem:

  • Open Chrome browser with Google Play Services.
  • Click the link on Google Play Services that leads to Google play store where a list of apps can be found.
  • If there are any updates available for your Google play services then an “Update” button will come up which you have to click to start the updates.

When you are eager enough about using a feature enabled by a Google Play service update, then try looking for that update via an app store.

One of those reliable alternatives would be Aurora Store which acts as a replacement of the Google play store.

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How To Update Google Play Services Through the Aurora Store?

In order to access the Aurora Store, you have to install the APK because it is not available in the Play Store.

The APK can be obtained from either the app’s GitHub releases page or better still through the F Droid store.

You do not have to worry about your data being misused because this app is open-source.

  • Download the APK from Aurora Store official GitLab releases page.
  • After downloading, open it from the app menu and install it.
  • Complete the setup process. Find Google Play Services in the app’s updates tab.
  • Click the Hamburger menu -> My apps & games -> Search, then tap Google Play Services if you don’t see an update.
  • Check for update availability on the app page. If you want to update Google Play Services, click Update.

Updating Google Play Services From APKMirror is a website that has been around for quite some time; hence, if you are looking for an alternative to Google Play Store, this is where your search ends as it enjoys a reputation among Android enthusiasts and users worldwide.

Using APKMirror to update Google Play Services can sometimes be a bit challenging especially due to availability of APKs for platforms and architectures.

There’s a chance of downloading and installing the APK for your specific device. However even if you end up choosing the one it’s unlikely that it will cause any issues or malfunctions in your system.

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How To Update Google Play Services via APKMirror?

If your Android device uses another operating system, you will have to download an APK file for “nodpi” and “arm64 v8a” architecture.

If there’s such an option, I would suggest taking the standalone APK version of the bundle. However if you don’t have an APK for this version, then SAI (Split APK Installer) can be used to install the bundle.

  • Type “Google Play Services” into the search bar on
  • To see all variations, first hit the first search result and select “See available Downloads”.
  • The most recent version with architecture arm64-v8a and DPI as ‘nodpi’ should be selected.
  • To install the update tap on the file that was downloaded. Once a popup window appears click on Update then select Download Anyhow.
  • Google Play Services will update by itself successfully.

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In this article we discussed How to Update Google Play Services? There are several methods you can follow to update Google Play Services on your Android gadgets.

Nevertheless it is better to wait until its automatic updates are installed.

So that’s how you can evade cases related to data theft or even malware installation in your device; however websites we mentioned in this article are safe and updating play services should no longer be a problem for you.

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