How the Apple watch ban in the US impacts consumers in India?

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Many people in India are worried and asking How the Apple watch ban in the US impacts consumers in India?

  • Effect of Apple Watch ban in Indian markets.
  • Effect of Apple Watch ban in US
  • Apple’s response to its setback

The news is spreading like a wildfire in tech forums about the US International Trade Commission’s decision to ban specific models of Apple Watch due to a patent dispute.

Although the immediate effects are limited to the United States it is unclear how this will impact the market in countries, like India.

How the Apple watch ban in the US impacts consumers in India?

Starting this week, Apple has announced that it will be stopping the sales of Series 9 and ultra 2 smartwatches in the United States.

For instance, Apple has made an announcement that they will suspend their sales of Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches in the United States starting this week.

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It is a patent dispute with Masimo Corp., a company of health technology that led to this declaration.

This argument focuses on hardware that these watches have which monitors blood oxygen levels.

In January 2023, the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Apple violated Masimo’s rights regarding a particular light-based technology which Masimo used to measure blood oxygen levels. The ITC was in favor of Masimo.

Therefore, the ban on importing these Apple Watch models by ITC is negatively affecting sales of Apple in the American market.

Moreover, it affects foreign suppliers working in conjunction with Apple who manufacture and assemble Apple parts.

What will be its effect on the Indian market?

There is no impact to consumers in India from this ban imposed by the US. It does not affect the sale or availability of the Apple Watch in India.

The three watches are still available in the market; namely, the Apple Watch Series 9 and The Apple Watch Ultra 2 .

The wider effects of this prohibition on Apple’s business dealings in other nations, such as India, are still unknown.

What are its Financial implications?

During the first quarter of 2023, Apple decided that it would be the right time to make such a decision as it earned $13.48 billion only from selling its wearables. Winter months are particularly important in this respect.

What will be the impact of this decision on U.S consumers?

As for United States individuals can still use banned models even if they had bought them earlier before the ban is effected.

Its warranty programs are still intact and so devices within their coverage period can continue being serviced by Apple.

Bloomberg claims that recently, Apple sent an internal memo to its customer care support teams informing them that it would no longer be replacing any out-of-warranty models starting with the Apple Watch Series 6.

This means that customers may not send their watches back to Apple when they have issues like cracked screens.

However, software related matters such as OS reinstallation will continue to receive the usual assistance from Apple.

How Does Apple respond to its setback?

The company officials have been asked to inform impacted clients that once again they will be notified when hardware replacements resume.

Before the ban, Apple would usually replace watches that had hardware problems because the majority could not be fixed.

Most of the new Apple Watches sold since 2020 are impacted by this decision to stop watch replacements.

This encompasses the current Series 9 and Ultra 2, as well as the Series 6, 7, 8, and Ultra models.

The blood oxygen feature is present in all of these models, and the commission has determined that the patents cover this feature.


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