Infinix Introduces 3 Remarkable Technologies, Including Wireless Air Charging for Smartphones at CES 2024

Infinix Introduces 3 Remarkable Technologies: In CES 2024, smartphones can be charged in the air without cable. The three latest technologies of Infinix are incredible.

The CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Las Vegas. It is now the 3rd day of the event. The companies are launching their new products at this event. 

In this show, Infinix has showcased its three latest technologies. Infinix has launched the color-changing technology for smartphones, E-Shift Air Charge, and Infix Extreme-Temp.

  1. Infinix has announced three new technology at CES 2024.
  2. The company also unveiled Extreme-Temp batteries during the trade show.

The Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Las Vegas this week. This is day three of the event. Businesses are launching new products at this event.

The series Infinix has presented three of its latest innovations. Infinix has announced its color-changing technology for smartphones, E-Shift Air Charge, Infix, and E-Shift.

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Infinix Introduces 3 Remarkable Technologies At CES 2024

E-Ink Prism Technology

Infinix has launched E-Ink Prism technology at the trade show. This technology states that colors on the phone’s rear can be altered.

The device will not even use electricity. Users can customize their phones using this technology. 

Time will be displayed using technology on the back of your phone. Beyond that, numerous other features are available.

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Extreme-Temp Battery Concept

The company has also unveiled Extreme-Temp battery concepts at this event. With the Extreme-Temp battery, there will not be concern about freezing the device under scorching and cold weather.

Thanks to this technology, the battery in it will have the ability to function better in temperatures of up to -40 °.

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Infinix AirCharge

Other than that, Infinix has showcased Air Charge. The device can be charged from a 20cm distance with an angle of up to 60 degrees.

In reality, AirCharge uses multi-coil magnetizing resonance and an adaptive algorithm. This technology allows users to charge their devices using no cables. This method gives the power of 7.5W.

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