iOS 17.4 Beta 2: What Makes Apple’s Latest Software Update Stand Out? Explore the Special Features Here!

Apple has launched iOS 17.4 beta 2 for users. Users will receive a variety of new features and updates. With this update, you can access an alternative store in addition to an App Store. In addition it lets users select their preferred browser. Additionally, it allows NFC users to download third-party apps.

What Makes Apple iOS 17.4 Beta 2 Update Stand Out?

Apple is constantly introducing special updates to its users. This update offers a variety of unique features to its users in order to have the best experience. Recently, Apple released the iOS 17.4 beta 2 Update. Numerous special updates were made available to you in this update.

Additionally, it comes with an alternative store for apps with new payment options, permission to select the default browser as well as NFC available for third-party apps.

We’re pleased to inform the world that Apple has announced iOS 17.4 beta 2. It also released macOS 14.4 beta 2 and watchOS 10.4 beta 2, and TVOS 17.4 beta 2 update for programmers. It has been revealed regarding the stability version the update is scheduled to be made available to all users during the month of March. 

We’ll tell you that the goal of iOS 17.4 version is to assist Apple conform to the Digital Markets Act in 27 European Union countries. We’d like to know the reason this update is unique.

iPhone users will be able to download an access to an optional app store

This update will receive many updates, however this update is a bit different due to the fact that with this update iPhone users will be able to access another app store.

Users will also be able to access a different app store, apart from the App Store. This means that app developers won’t have to sell in-app purchases using the App Store in its own way, since users will also have different payment options.

You will be able to select the the default browser

With the latest update, iPhone users within the EU will be able to access an updated browser that allows them to select a default browser for opening Safari. This will allow users to have greater control over the browsing experience.

NFC for apps from third parties

With this update, third-party app developers from the EU will be able to use NFC services for their wallet and banking apps when they install this iOS 17.4 Beta update.

Notarization is required for iOS apps

With this update, you can avail an additional security feature specifically for applications. This is known as notarization, the goal of which is to guard against frauds, scams, and other harmful content.

The latest option will be Baseline that applies to all applications. Developers will be able request more software and hardware features through the app.


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