iOS 18 Update: iPhone users will get Mind-Blowing Features of iOS 18!

Apple releases new updates periodically to offer a fantastic experience for its users. Let us inform that Apple is working on launching iOS 18 Update which will be unveiled at WWDC 2024. This version will come with a lot of wonderful features. RCS Message protocol will be supported. AI built on Siri will be added. Let us know about the features that is included in the package.

  1. iOS 18 can be introduced in WWDC 2024. In that year, you’ll get a number of exclusive updates.
  2. Apple will include the generative AI capabilities such as ChatGPT to Siri, its voice assistant.
  3. App sideloading could be made accessible to all users worldwide via an update to iOS 18 upgrade.

iPhone users will get Mind-Blowing Features of iOS 18 Update

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Apple is also renowned for its updates that are not related to that iPhone. It also has its iOS update that is widely known for its new features and upgrades. In the present, new details have been released that suggests that suggests the company will announce it’s iOS 18 in a few months.

Let us inform our readers the following: iOS 18 is the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system which offers many unique and improved features for iPhone users. Each when you upgrade your iPhone with the latest iOS you are able for you to use it. We are aware it is possible that iOS 18 can be introduced in WWDC 2024 So let us know what new features can be discovered in it.

Siri will be getting AI support

Every time the company updates its software, it also update its assistant. It seems that Apple is considering it. Apple is planning to add artificial intelligence (AI) or generative AI capabilities such as ChatGPT to Siri, its voice assistant. Siri.

Apple is currently developing its own machine-learning AI model, as a new report in the media has disclosed.

Let us inform you that Apple might make use of OpenAI’s GPT technology, which is similar to Copilot to enable certain AI-related features available on iPhones.

Alongside Siri There has been the possibility of the addition of an generative AI features to the Notes app and Music app. Aside from that, certain options will be added to AI-generated video and photo editing.

App sideloading

Media reports also indicate that Apple is planning to introduce sideloading of apps in Europe through an iOS 17.4 upgrade. In the new iOS 18 update, this feature will be available to everyone worldwide.

With its assistance first install a third-party app store on the Apple App Store to install and download applications that have been authenticated by Apple.

Let us inform you that up to this point, Apple iPhone users have not been able to download apps on the side. This means that they can not download games or apps from other sources than apps or games from the App Store.

Support for the RCS protocol

The RCS protocol will be supported by The iOS 18 update, which will be available in iMessage. The main benefit is that it offers seamless messaging between Android or iOS devices.

The change will allow it to be much easier for users to transfer audio and multimedia messages. It is important to note that messages sent via Android will be displayed in the form of green bubbles, instead of green and blue bubbles.

Third-Party Payment Gateway

The app allows you to utilize third-party payment gateways when purchasing subscriptions. This will allow you to cut down on app-based fee for subscriptions and purchases by up to 30 %.

We’ll tell you that apps for podcasts and music such as Spotify as well as Epic are currently developing Shudd’s payment system for iPhones that will initially be accessible in Europe. However, once an iOS 18 update, people will be able to benefit worldwide.


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