New Noise Three Headphones with Dual Device Pairing Launched

If you are someone who can’t live without music then there’s good news for you!

Noise three headphones with dual device pairing launched at an affordable price. These new headphones are packed with top notch features and can deliver best audio quality.

The most important specification for any headphone is its battery. The Noise headphones comes with a 70 hours long battery life. Thus you can enjoy your uninterrupted music without worrying about charging in again.

In this article we will tell you about the Noise three headphones with dual device pairing launched. We will also tell you about its features and specifications.

Noise Three Headphones with Dual Device Pairing Launched

Noise is a tech brand in India that focuses on creating TWS, smartwatches and headphones that cater to everyday life. Today marks the release of their addition to the lineup, the Noise Three headphones. Not do they come packed with features but they also come at an affordable price of less than Rs 2,000.

When it comes to battery life the Noise Three headphones offer a 70 hours of music playback. This makes them perfect, for those study sessions or travel adventures. Additionally they are designed with IPX5 water resistance. Can be conveniently folded for storage.

According to Noise these headphones are built to withstand the intense workout sessions. They come in three color options; blue, black and brown.

What Is This Dual Device Pairing?

The Noise Three headphones come with a feature called Dual Device Pairing, which lets you connect both your phone and laptop to the headphones. With this feature you can effortlessly switch between the two devices.

In terms of quality the manufacturer claims that the 40mm drivers included in these headphones provide a high quality sound experience.

Additionally, there is a gaming mode with 45ms latency over Bluetooth 5.3. By the way, the headphones support quick charging via the Instacharge feature, which allows you to charge them for only 10 minutes and get 200 minutes of playback. Charge via USB Type-C is also supported by the headphones.

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Noise Three Headphones: Price & Availability

The Noise Three Headphones are available for Rs 1,999. Can be bought from online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and the official store. They were launched in India today. These headphones seem to be an addition to the brands collection, as a whole.


In this article we discussed Noise three headphones with dual device pairing launched. The Noise Three Headphones present a deal for budget music enthusiasts.

Their lasting battery, comfortable design and flexible connectivity choices make them an excellent selection for listening. Although they may lack the noise canceling capabilities found in pricier models they still offer a great deal at this price.

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