In 2023, Realme Sold Around 17.4 million Smartphones, securing its position among the top 5 smartphone brands.

Realme Sold Around 17.4 million Smartphones: 2024 has been a memorable year for Realme the brand of smartphones which entered the Indian market in the year 2024 with a price that was affordable. 

Realme Sold Around 17.4 million Smartphones in 2023

With its affordable pricing Realme has now reached the third place in the segment that ranges from between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000. In this way, Realme has climbed to 5th place in the segment of smartphones that ranges from Rs 20 thousand to Rs 30000.

Realme has been added to the top five smartphones brands in India. The quarter that ended in 2023 saw impressive results for the company, and it is now in the fourth spot. 

In describing it as a landmark for the company, it announced that it will be marking its five-year anniversary celebration in India and its worldwide sales has surpassed 200 million.

Realme is in third place with a price of between 10 and 20 thousand rupees smartphones segments

Realme's Latest Smartphone
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When it comes to the online smartphone segment, Realme is at the third spot among smartphones priced between Rs 10,000 and 20000.

In December 2023 Samsung’s smartphones were in second within the same price bracket on Amazon and in third position on Flipkart.

The company sits in the fifth position on the Indian market of smartphones with prices between Rs 20 thousand and 30000 rupees.

Benefits of pricing that is competitive

Research firm Canalys stated in its annual report that the company’s total volume of sales for the 4th quarter in 2023 totaled 17.4 millions units of which the percentage of offline was greater than online.

Realme The company, which stepped into in the Indian market with low-cost smartphones, has now launched phones that have high-end and high-end features, with a price that is competitive. Realme is reaping lots of advantages from this.

The company’s eyes are on the upcoming customers.

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The principal goal for Realme is to bring out smartphones that offer better user experience, superior performance and a unique design that appeals to young people around the world. 

Realme has been watching this for a long time. Additionally, Realme is moving forward by adopting a trend-driven strategy because of which the company can create connections with customers on the world market.

Realme claims that it plans to invest more money on its research and development. In this way, it can provide cutting-edge technologies to its customers at reasonable prices.


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