Shargeek 170 Transparent Power Bank with Futuristic Design!

Shargeek, which was formerly known as Sharge, was an instant hit and has now made sensations because of the Shargeek 170 Transparent Power Bank, which is a mobile battery, after its very popular Kickstarter launch in 2023. 

This revolutionary device is being introduced to the world market via the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and the response has been impressive. 

With more than $760,000 in funds coming from over 4,000 contributors, it’s clear that consumers are demanding the latest generation of power solutions.

Shargeek 170 Transparent Power Bank

Shargeek 170 Transparent Power Bank
Image Source: Twitter
Charging Ports2 PD 3.1 two-way USB-C (140W each), 1 USB-A (30W)
Max Power Output170W
Simultaneous ChargingUp to 3 devices
Output Power (max)USB-C: 140W each (when used individually)
USB-C: 100W and 65W (when both in use)
USB-A: 30W
Battery RechargeUp to 140W charging speed
Charging Time0 to 50% in 20 minutes
Battery24,000mAh EV-grade
CompatibilityiPhone 14 Pro (6x charge), MacBook Pro/ROG Ally (1x)
DisplaySmart display for battery status and output power
Water ResistanceIP66
DesignTransparent, prism-shaped
Dimensions6.5 inches long
AvailabilityIndiegogo campaign, shipping to various countries

Unparalleled Charging Capabilities

What sets the Shargeek 170 apart is the capacity to charge up to three devices simultaneously by delivering 170W. 

It features three PD 3.1 two-way USB-C ports that are capable of delivering upwards of 140W. USB-A ports run at 30W power. The power bank offers fast and reliable charging of a range of devices.

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Superior Performance and Design

It has a capacity of 24,000mAh, and an EV-grade battery that has a 24,000mAh capacity, Shargeek 170 promises impressive functionality. 

It is able to charge the iPhone 14 Pro up to six times or run up the MacBook Pro or ROG Ally with a single battery. 

Charge speeds are rapid, allowing 50 percent charge in 20 minutes at speeds of 140W or more.

Innovative Design

The clean appearance of this Shargeek 170 doesn’t only serve for looks. It has an LCD that displays the current status of the battery and output power that enhances the user experience. 

In addition, its water-resistant IP66 design guarantees long-lasting use and makes it a reliable supplier for all types of tasks.

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Accessible and Affordable

Starting at a price of $119 via Indiegogo, the Shargeek 170 is set to be delivered to a variety of countries, which include the US and Europe, the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Australia. 

This pricing strategy is designed to make portable power of high-quality accessible to tech-savvy consumers all over the world.

Indiegogo supporters can expect to receive the Shargeek 170 units in February. Amazingly, more than 1,000 backers from earlier Kickstarter campaigns have been able to receive their powerbanks. 

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Shargeek 170 represents a significant leap forward in the field of portable power. 

It is a combination of the highest-quality charging features with an intuitive design. 

Its ability to connect to a variety of devices and its determination to deliver on its promises will revolutionize the way users charge while on the move.

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