How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps?

You must have seen a “Verification Required” notification while trying to download an app, on your iPhone. Many users ask How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps? Sinceit can be quite irritating but don’t worry, we will help you out!

In this article we will tell you How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps? Whether it’s due to a payment method, a lack of purchase history or an outstanding balance we uncover the underlying reasons behind the “Verification Required” message.

You’ll discover how to troubleshoot your payment information, replace it with another card or even choose the “None” option to eliminate the need for verification easily.

How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps?

Here are the methods to stop the Verification Required pop up when installing free apps:

Method 1: Stop Verification Required

  • On your iPhone, head over to the settings app.
  • If you can’t see it, swipe down on the screen.
  • Now go to the media & purchases option.
  • A new set of options will slide up so tap on password settings.
  • Logging out requires a password under free downloads.

That’s it! You don’t need a password anymore. Just go ahead and download apps without verifying on an iPhone.

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Method 2: Stopping verification required messages by removing payment details from your Apple ID.

There is another way out for those who do not see Free Downloads in the Password Settings. In fact, some users reported that they could not find the Free Downloads section in their iOS devices. Do not worry; there is still a way of stopping verification of required messages.

This means that you should make changes in the payment method which is linked to Apple ID. In this particular case, you are offered two alternatives. They include: removing payment details from Apple ID, or switching to another payment method.

To remove these details, here are the guidelines for downloading apps without verification on iPhone:

  1. To find this app, go to your iPhone settings.
  2. Tap on your name at the top.
  3. Click on View Account here.
  4. Choose Manage Payments.
  5. This screen displays all payment methods you connected before. In case there are any problems with your payment method (the name does not match your credit card, the security code on your card is wrong and its expiration date is passed) click on this payment method and update the details. If everything is fine, go to the next step.
  6. Tap on Edit.
  7. Tap on minus in red to remove a payment method.
  8. Then tap Remove when asked to confirm.

Some of Apple’s users may have slightly different choices. Same steps will be visible up to Step 3. but then these steps should follow:

  • Select Payment Information.
  • Under the Payment Method, you will see several options.
  • Click None.
  • Press Done.

These are the steps you should take in order to remove a payment method from an Apple ID. It will eliminate the irritating “verification required” message that pops up whenever free apps are being downloaded via iOS. Consequently, it also implies that one can no longer purchase subscriptions or apps from the App Store any more.

Still, if you wish to purchase paid apps or subscriptions, the same steps can be used to update payment details. After that, tap on the Manage Payments tab and go to another page. It is then that you will have to enter the new card’s details. Reconfirm if name and security code are correctly put.

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Why There’s No “None” Option in Payment Method?

Many users ask Why do I not see None among payment choices? The reason for this is that there is an outstanding balance or an active subscription linked with your Apple ID. Unless you resolve this issue, you will not be able to see or choose None.


In this article we discussed How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps? By following the steps in this article, you should be able to avoid seeing ‘Verification Required’ constantly while downloading free applications on your iPhone.

This means that whether you want to change the current payment info, add a new card or simply select the “None” option; all of them will make it possible for you to regain a seamless app download experience.

So no more getting irritated by that annoying notification while downloading a free app on your device. Therefore, go ahead and visit the App Store where there are new apps waiting for you to explore and download with confidence.


Q. Why do I have to verify myself with Apple just to download a free app?

Answer. On iOS, the ‘Verification Required’ message is prompted by the payment setup of your Apple ID. This happens if payments cannot be made, there are outstanding bills, your device hasn’t previously downloaded apps or purchased anything and the payment process has not been updated.

Q. How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps?

Answer. Navigate through Settings > General > Restrictions and set Require Password to immediate.: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. Flip off “Require Password”.: On Settings > Touch ID & Passcode type in your password then switch “Require Password” off.

Q. Is there a way that the App Store can stop asking me for billing information?

Answer. Under Payment Information in Account Settings, tap on it then choose “None” under ‘Payment Method’ or update your payment method * After you finish setting everything up, press done.

Q. Why am I unable to download apps every time I get the Verify Yourself Popup?

Answer. This message usually appears when there is a problem with the payment method or if the device has never made any purchases or downloaded any apps. It can also be due to a balance on the account. The common reason for seeing the ‘Verification Required’ message on your iPhone is an issue with your credit card.

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