The ‘Gorilla Glass,’ Guardian of Your Mobile Screen, Providing Z+ Level Protection

Gorilla Glass is a glass protector that is included with tablets, smartphones as well as other electronic gadgets to shield their screens. 

What is the reason it was called ‘Gorilla’? What’s the motivation for its name? It is not widely known about this. In such a case this is why we discuss it here. 

Gorilla Glass is a thin sheet of alkali-aluminosilicate that is strengthened through an ion-exchange method and is not a new invention, having been developed by Corning Inc. in the 1960s.

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The first time it was developed, it was called Corning. However, its uses in the early days were restricted to aviation, automotive, and pharmaceutical fields. In these areas, lightweight and strong glass was needed, it was. 

However, in terms of an introduction of Gorilla Glass for smartphone devices is worried, it was introduced in the year 2006. 

When the late Chief Executive Steve Jobs approached Corning Inc. CEO Wendell Weeks for some stronger and scratch-resistant glass for Apple’s iPhone.

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The most important thing to consider is how this name get its name?

Corning used ‘Gorilla Glass to mark its glass rather than the previous ‘Corning’ name because it was as tough and durable like the gorilla. 

The Gorilla Glass name is in reference to the strength and durability of the glass, and is reminiscent of the toughness and durability of the gorilla. 

The name focuses on the toughness and durability of glass, and contrasts it with the physical durability and elasticity of wild gorillas.

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Corning selected to name the glass Gorilla Glass to represent the extraordinary durability and strength that the glass has. 

Its strength is evident in its ability to stand up to the damage and wear of daily life. Gorilla Glass’ name effectively conveys the strength and durability of the product, which contributes to its image in the marketplace.

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