The Most Anticipated Smartphones of January 2024, from Vivo X100 to Samsung Galaxy S24

Beginning this January 2024, releases are expected to commence from Vivo X100 to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones, among many more. 

Our most-awaited handsets include the Vivo X100 Series, OnePlus 12 Series, Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Redmi Note 13 series from these manufacturers, and more!

Top smartphone makers such as Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more will kickstart 2024 by unveiling new models in January 2024. 

See this list to stay informed of when these smartphones will hit stores!

Most Anticipated Smartphones of January 2024

Redmi Note 13 Series: 

Redmi Note 13 Series  launch

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 series will likely mark one of 2024’s initial major launches as they have confirmed an official date and timeframe for India’s release. 

Xiaomi reports that their phones of this series will go on sale on January 4, with Redmi Note 13, Pro, and Pro Plus all included as part of this Redmi Note 13 Pro series launch lineup.

Vivo X100 Series: 

Vivo X100 & X100 Pro Prices In India
Vivo X100 & X100 Pro Prices In India

Vivo announced their highly anticipated smartphone Series called Vivo X100 on December 4 of this year. 

It will consist of two smartphones, Vivo X100 and Vivo X100 Pro, which have already hit China market. They’re set for worldwide debut starting January 4, 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: 

Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra Prices in Europe
Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra Prices in Europe

Samsung recently unveiled their highly anticipated Galaxy S24 Series worldwide release date as mid-January 2024, yet no details regarding it were shared with the media or the general public. 

Samsung states this series will consist of three smartphones called Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra models.

Oppo Reno 11 Series: 

Oppo Reno 11 Series
Oppo Reno 11 Series

Oppo has revealed plans to debut their Reno 11 Series globally and in India on January 11, though an exact launch date remains unconfirmed by their business.

OnePlus 12 Series: 

OnePlus Ace 3 (12R)
OnePlus Ace 3 (12R)

The OnePlus 12 series – comprised of the OnePlus 12 and 12R models -is scheduled to make its worldwide debut in India and other parts of Asia on January 23, 2024, as confirmed in a video celebrating ten years since its initial debut.

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