What Is Beeper Mini: Experience the iMessage Ecosystem on Your Android Device

Nothing, a popular smartphone start-up by Carl Pei launched its Chat app that aims at bridging the gap between iMessage and Android messages.

But what is Beeper Mini? On top of that people are asking how it works?

However, Google Play Store had to remove it for privacy purposes. Instead, Beeper Mini may eventually let you use your Android phone to chat on iMessage just like it were an iPhone.

In this article we will tell you what is Beeper Mini? We will also tell you how you can use this application on your Android smartphones.

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What is Beeper Mini The iMessage App For Android?

Last year, Beeper was established with the objective of consolidating different messaging services.

TechCrunch reports that it has released a new iMessage app, which is known as Beeper Mini.

This app will enable users to send and receive end-to-end encrypted chats on iMessage for a monthly subscription fee of $1.99. This according to the developers was done by disintegrating the iMessage protocol.

“I rooted some iPhones and deeply studied their functionality before I built our app from scratch so that each component could be recreated in it,” said Eric Migicovsky when speaking to The Verge.

It therefore makes Beeper Mini a secure third-party iMessage client according to him. Neither your Apple ID password nor your messages or contacts should be visible to the app.

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How To Download And Use A Beeper Mini?

The Beeper Mini app can be logged into in two different ways after downloading it from the play store.

However, you will need to first sign into your Google account, grant access and then complete a few other tasks such as configuring your subscription.

How To Download And Use A Beeper Mini
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Beeper Mini has two ways to set up your account. The first one is that you can log in without using an Apple ID.

You can reach iMessage on just your phone but messages will not sync with other devices.

You can now move on to the second option for setting up your system after selecting the first one where you will use your Apple ID to log into Beeper Mini and have iMessage on other Apple devices but still use it on Android phones.

However, both of these options are based on the SIM card number that you are currently using on your Android phone with Beeper Mini.

While beeper can act as a legitimate iMessage client, only some features will be supported.

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In this article we discussed what is a Beeper Mini? The company claims that they currently provide assistance for high quality videos and pictures responding to messages acknowledging read receipts, sending messages, editing messages and offering other functionalities.

However they do not offer support for FaceTime message effects and live location sharing.

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