What is Google Gemini: The Complete Guide to Its Capabilities, Applications, and Limits

Google has recently launched a new big language model (LLM) called Google Gemini. This model is the successor of Google’s previous model, Lamda and Palm 2 and promises to be one of the most powerful language models ever. Everybody wants to know that What is Google Gemini and how it works.

In this blog post, we will learn deeply about What is Google Gemini, including its use, features, limitations and future possibilities.

What is Google Gemini?

Gemini is a multimodal large language model, which means that it can understand and process various types of media, including text, images, codes and more.

This makes it more versatile and powerful than the previous language model, which can usually work only with text.

Gemini was developed by Google Deepmind and is capable of doing many different tasks, such as:

  • Text Building: Gemini can generate different types of text formats, including articles, poetry, codes and scripts.
  • Language translation: Gemini can translate text into different languages.
  • Image captioning: Gemini can see images and write details about them.
  • Coding: Gemini can produce code and even fix the existing code.
  • Question Answer: Gemini can give a detailed and informative answer to your questions, whether they are open, challenging or strange.

Google Gemini will be available in three sizes:

1. Gemini Ultra:

It is the largest model for highly complex functions. It will be deployed in data centers and used for works like scientific research, engineering design and financial modeling.

2. Gemini Pro:

It is the best performing model for comprehensive functions. It will be deployed in the cloud and can be used for a wide variety of functions, including business intelligence, customer service and product development.

3. Gemini Nano:

It is the most efficient model for on-device works. It will be deployed on smartphones, laptops and other devices and can be used for works such as machine translations, image captioning and speech-reading.

You should choose the most suitable model of Gemini based on your needs. If you need a model for highly complex tasks, Gemini Ultra is the best option. If you need a model for comprehensive tasks, Gemini Pro is the best option. And, if you need a model for on-device tasks, Gemini Nano is the best option.

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How to work Google Gemini?

It works based on coding. Google is very excited about Gemini’s coding skills. With his new code-generating system, Alpakode 2, Gemini performed better than 85 percent of the participants in a coding competition.

This is a 50 percent improvement compared to the original alphabet. In addition, according to Sundar Pichai, the user will see improvement in whatever Gemini will interact with.

Gemini was trained on Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPU), and it is faster and cheaper to run compared to Google’s previous palm, making the model more efficient.

Google is also going to launch a new version of the TPU system called TPU V5P, especially designed for data centers that need to train and drive large -scale models.

On Pixel 8 Pro you can do a test of Gemini Nano. It has introduced advanced features such as Summary and Smart Answers on Gboard in the Recorder App, which was initially implemented in WhatsApp.

Advanced text-based abilities of Gemini Pro can be experienced for free within Google Bard.

How to use Gemini?

Gemini is currently available only for internal use of Google. However, the company has announced a plan to publicly release it in future.

When Gemini becomes publicly available, you will be able to access it through Google Cloud Platform. You will be able to use its API for various types of tasks, including some of the above.

Key Features of Google Gemini App

Some of the key features of Gemini are included:

  1. Multi-fertility: Gemini can understand and process different types of media.
  • Large -scale data: Gemini is trained on a huge dataset, allowing it to provide highly accurate and informative answers.
  • Family: Gemini comes in three different models: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano. These models differ in size and capacity, allowing you to choose the most suitable model for your specific requirements.
  • Advanced capacity: Gemini displays certain advanced abilities, such as understanding the subtle differences of language and using the language properly in different contexts.

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How to Use Google Gemini in Bard

For now, Google Gemini cannot be used directly into the bard. However, this is likely in the future, as Google is developing both projects.

But this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of Gemini with Bard. In fact, you can use the material created by Gemini to improve Bard. For example, you can ask Gemini to write a summary on a particular subject and then use that summary as a reference to create more informative reactions.

You can also ask Gemini to do the tasks that Bard cannot do in the present, such as writing code or making images. Then, you can combine the output of Gemini with Bard to achieve more complex and versatile results.

Here are some ways by which you can use Google Gemini and Bard together:

  • Get a summary from Gemini and then ask Bard to prepare a more detailed response.
  • Ask Gemini to write an article on a specific subject and then ask Bard to summarize that article.
  • Ask Gemini to write a code snipet and then ask Bard to convince what the code does.
  • Ask Gemini to create an image and then ask Bard to describe the image.
  • By using Gemini and Bard together, you can increase your creativity and productivity.

Please note that Google Gemini is still under development, so its capabilities are still limited. However, it is constantly improving, and in the future, it has the ability to become an invaluable tool.

Limitations of Google Gemini

Although Gemini is a highly powerful language model, it also has some limitations:

  • Gemini is currently available only for internal use of Google.
  • Gemini is still under development and its capacity is continuously increasing.
  • Like all language models, Gemini is also sensitive to prejudice. It is important that the users are aware of this and keep an account in their work.


Today in this blog we know about What is Google Gemini? Also, we know about its features, uses, and limitations. Gemini is a powerful device that can be used in many types of applications. However, it is also important to be aware of Gemini’s potential risks and moral concerns.

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