Xiaomi adopts iPhone features in the latest HyperOS Update

Xiaomi adopts iPhone features in the latest HyperOS Update which has gained popularity on platforms, like Instagram and TikTok.

  • Xiaomi’s latest HyperOS update adopts a popular iPhone feature
  • The HyperOS update bring a new Gallery App
  • This update is compatible with Xiaomi devices running the MIUI operating system

Xiaomi always keeps up with the trends so much so that they have introduced a highly popular feature found on iPhones in their latest HyperOS update.

This feature allows Xiaomi users to effortlessly select and manipulate PNG images using stunning effects. The newest innovation in Xiaomi’s HyperOS brings something exciting to their devices.

The news that Xiaomi adopts iPhone features in the latest HyperOS Update has received attention on media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Xiaomi adopts iPhone features in the latest HyperOS Update

The TikTok and Instagram’s iOS features that were on Xiaomi phones last year are now available.

A new iOS feature by Xiaomi that allows you to use PNG as a sticker by pressing the picture for long hours. The selection effect surrounding the PNG when we choose PNG is currently trending.

These viral videos have been made by many famous people, who use this effect. These viral videos managed to inform even the users who did not know about this functionality existed. This PNG can be used also as a WhatsApp sticker on the iOS platform.

The New HyperOS Gallery App in the latest HyperOS Update

HyperOS users now have an additional special effect which is similar to the fascinating effects of iPhone features while pressing and holding the main object in a photo.

It improves user experience overall while adding a touch of elegance too.

Xiaomi has gone one better by adding functions that will allow users to change their backgrounds or copy certain objects directly onto their clipboards.

Users are therefore more empowered to edit pictures whether they only want changing the background according to personal preferences or replicating items for artistic collages.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating visually appealing creations for social media or creating content for yourself.

Xiaomi has closed the gap between its MIUI platform and iOS and given users a toolkit to improve their creativity by implementing this creative feature.

MIUI Compatibility In the latest HyperOS Update

This update’s smooth interaction with Xiaomi devices running the MIUI operating system is one of its most impressive features.

By downloading and installing HyperOS Gallery APK and HyperOS Gallery Editor APK, users can easily improve their MIUI experience and access a world of creative possibilities that were previously exclusive to iOS users.

Keep in mind that these apps are taken out of HyperOS thus not every MIUI version will work with it.

Xiaomi’s commitment to offering advanced features and keeping its users updated with the latest technological advancements is clearly evident in the significant progress made with the HyperOS update.

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