Exciting News: Xiaomi HyperOS is Now Accessible on the Xiaomi 13T Pro!

Xiaomi has announced the release of a HyperOS stable update for Xiaomi 13T Pro after many years of waiting. 

HyperOS version has been developed over a long period, and it is now with beta test users who are officially using Android 14, which is the most recent version of Android. 

OS1.0.3.0.UMLEUXM is available for beta testers. It is the first major update of this device within the EEA region. 

Let’s look at the official changelog for the update, which includes the size of two major updates in one update. So the size is also huge.

OS1.0.3.0.UMLEUXM – Xiaomi 13T Pro

Xiaomi HyperOS on the Xiaomi 13T Pro
Xiaomi HyperOS is Now Accessible on the Xiaomi 13T Pro

Xiaomi 13T Pro OS1.0.3.0.UMLEUXM stable update in 5.8GB began rolling out to beta testers, who will get new features along with the most recent customizations. 

This is the 13T series device that has received a HyperOS stable update. 

They’re extremely strict with the HyperOS rollout because they release updates swiftly, and it’s exciting news for users.

Complete the Changelog of HyperOS

  • The global design and aesthetics are influenced by nature itself and alter the way your device appears and feels.
  • A new animation language makes interactions with your device pleasant and easy.
  • Natural colors add life and energy to every part of your gadget.
  • Our brand-new system font is compatible with various writing systems.
  • The new Weather app not only provides you with important information but also lets you feel the temperature out there.
  • Notifications are focused on vital details and present to you in a highly efficient method.
  • Every picture can appear as an art print on your lock screen with multiple effects and dynamic rendering.
  • New Home screen icons refresh old objects with fresh forms and hues.
  • Our multi-rendering system in-house creates smooth and pleasant visuals throughout the entire system.
  • Multitasking is now easier and more convenient thanks to an improved multi-window interface.

This was the latest official release that began rolling out to beta testers in the EEA Region. 

In the next week, we should see the update to all users, and I suggest that you be patient until January 2024, when you can see the official rollout of this version. 

Download links for HyperOS EEA can be found available right now, but you can manually flash the update to the public via the update option after the release. 

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