Xiaomi’s Bold Move to HyperOS: Know the devices getting HyperOS Update (2024)

Xiaomi’s Bold Move to HyperOS: Xiaomi took a huge gamble by switching from the MIUI interface to HyperOS with the promise of a new user interface and improved performance.

  • Xiaomi’s Bold Move to HyperOS
  • The Selected Eleven Devices
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In a leaked list, Xiaomi 13T, 13T Pro, 12T, 11T, 13 Pro, 13 Ultra, POCO F5/F5 Pro, Redmi Note 12 4G/NFC and Note 12S have all been named as among the initial eleven smartphones to receive the HyperOS update worldwide.

In this post we will tell you about Xiaomi’s Bold Move to HyperOS. We will also tell you about the list of phones getting the HyperOS Update.

Xiaomi’s Bold Move to HyperOS To Bring Change On Global Scale

Even amidst conflicting information however, Xiaomi has been consistent in providing Android updates giving a soothing context for what is happening.

The company’s capability to offer better and seamless smartphone experience should be trusted by people who are encouraged to wait.

The update stands out because of Xiaomi’s global commitment. While some models in China have already experienced the magic of HyperOS, this experience will be extended to most parts of the world later this month.

This suggests that users as a whole will eventually be able to enjoy the improved user interface and optimized performance that HyperOS provides, which may be useful.

The Selected Eleven Devices

The first 11 smartphones scheduled to receive the HyperOS update globally are listed in the leaked list. By all accounts, Xiaomi is casting a wide net, encompassing both flagship rivals and more affordable options. The picks consist of:

  1. Xiaomi 13T
  2. Xiaomi 13T Master
  3. Xiaomi 12T
  4. Xiaomi 11T
  5. Xiaomi 13
  6. Xiaomi 13 Expert
  7. Xiaomi 13 Ultra
  8. POCO F5
  9. POCO F5 Expert
  10. Redmi Note 12 4G/4G NFC
  11. Redmi Note 12S

Xiaomi HyperOS Update: Confusion Amid Past Breaches and Eager Customers

Curiously, there have been previous breaches involving HyperOS updates, and the two publicly accessible records do, in fact, highlight a few differences.

On one rundown, models like the Xiaomi Cushion 6 and POCO F5 Expert are present, but not on the other.

For clients who are anxiously awaiting the update, sorting through contradicting information can be confusing.

However, past performance assures us that Xiaomi has continued to release Android updates consistently, providing a comforting backdrop to the unfolding circumstances.

Customers are on the verge of a frenzy as Xiaomi advances into the uncharted territory of HyperOS, eagerly awaiting the moment when their beloved devices will don yet another piece of automated apparel, bringing with it a barrage of advancements for their mobile phone experience.

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