E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore Application Review 

E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore
E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore Application Review: With the abundance of important text messages which capture moments and heartfelt conversations that mean so much. It would be a disaster if you were to lose all those messages.

With E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore Application Review we will help you out. Backup and restore your contacts call logs and SMS messages using the E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore app.

This handy app is specifically designed to create PDF backups of your SMS call records, contacts and statistics. It also seamlessly integrates with SMS tracking apps, for an experience.

Features Of E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

1.Easy Backup And Restore

With E2PDF you have the ability to save all the text messages you’ve ever sent or received whether it’s, for professional purposes. Simply select the conversation you wish to preserve.

The complete conversation will be displayed on your screen. You’ll be prompted to give a name to the file. With a click the backup file will be instantly created in either XML or PDF format.

You can choose to save the file on your computer, email it to yourself, share it away or store it in the cloud. Moreover E2PDF allows you to back up your call history including missed calls received calls and dialed numbers.

Furthermore E2PDFs special feature called Truecaller Specific Contact backup enables you to conveniently back up call logs and detailed conversations, for contacts.

2.Statistical Data

The E2PDF application offers data on your phone calls and text messages. The resulting file created by this application can be easily used with known e readers available in the market.

These include Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Xodo PDF Reader, Sumatra, Radaee, Preview, Foxit, PDF XChange and numerous others. You have the option to share the file through email Bluetooth, Wi Fi direct or even WhatsApp.

How To Download the App?

  • Launch Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • To start your search, type “E2PDF SMS Call Backup App” into the search box at the top of the page.
  • Select the first search results that appear and tap Install to download and set it up on your phone.
  • Click on Install to start downloading the first search result that comes up.


In this article we discussed E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore Application Review. This app is an user-friendly tool for protecting your communication records.

With its backup and restore features along with its compatibility with e-readers and sharing options it becomes an efficient app.

It’s easy to save, share, or retrieve any of your basic chats thanks to this small program’s robust backup and restoration features.