Samsung Galaxy S24 Series New AI Features: A New Leak highlights

  • A Walmart list highlights a few of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series New AI Features.
  • Live Translate as well as Generative Editing (similar similar to Magic Editor) might be available.
  • The tagline for S24’s motto is “Epic, Epic.” The S24 Series is “Epic exactly like that. “

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series New AI Features

Samsung is set to release its Galaxy S24 series on January 18, according to reports that revealed the colour options and a couple of specifications in leaks previously leaked. 

A recent leak gives us crucial details about the features Samsung is working on in the realm of software things. The parts are connected to AI. 

Samsung plans to compete with Google by introducing new AI capabilities for Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, so we’ll take a look at these features.

One of the largest US retail stores, Walmart, accidentally listed the Galaxy S24 ahead of launch and also provided more information on the S24 series on the day of launch. 

This S24 Plus listing contains details on the 256GB storage version that comes with 12GB of RAM as well as a 6.7-inch 2K screen. 

Yes, Samsung is on the list, which is up and running at the moment of writing. It contains a “Product Details” section in which nearly all the key aspects that are part of Samsung’s S24 series are listed. 

The listing suggests that Samsung is taking full advantage of AI capabilities, some of which are similar to the ones which were added to Google Pixel 8 earlier this year.

The leak was initially discovered and then reported via Roland Quandt on X (formerly Twitter).

Live Translate is fairly straightforward and has been a Pixel-exclusive feature from Pixel 6. Its Generative Edit feature sounds identical to Magic Editor from its description. 

Nightography Zoom is likely to perform exactly as the name implies, i.e. crisp zoom images when it is dark.

We’re not certain if Generative Edit and other AI tools work on this device or if the files are sent to Samsung’s servers, from where they’re processed and then returned. We suspect that to be true, but only time will prove it.

What are your thoughts on this Galaxy S24 series, and how has this launch been going to date? Tell us by commenting below. 

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