WhatsApp is developing a feature that allows users to search by username on the web client

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature which allows you to search users using their usernames from the web-client.

WhatsApp is developing a feature to search by username on the web client

Common QueriesResponses
Feature Name?User Search by Username
Development Status?Currently in progress
Availability Update?WhatsApp is actively working on introducing a feature to search for users via their username in an upcoming update for the web client.
Updated WhatsApp but Missing Feature?The feature is not yet available as it is still in the development phase. However, a preview can be found in this article.
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WhatsApp is working on a feature allowing users to find others by searching for their usernames.

This will enhance user privacy and connections. The quality is being developed for the web client and will be released as a future update.

WhatsApp was working on a new feature that allows users to be contacted by their username.

This feature will enable users to test a new way to communicate with friends, family, and contacts. In a future web update, users can search by username.

WhatsApp is developing a feature that allows users to search by username on the web client
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As you can see from this screenshot, the feature is similar to the one in the Android application, allowing users to create usernames.

The username-based part will improve the user experience, eliminating the need to enter phone numbers.

It also provides a convenient way for users within the WhatsApp ecosystem to connect and discover others.

WhatsApp’s introduction of usernames will provide a layer of privacy. This feature adds an extra layer of privacy since users can communicate without disclosing their phone numbers.

It is especially useful for users who value privacy and control over their contact information.

Using usernames to communicate will also simplify the WhatsApp connection process. The users can easily share their usernames and eliminate the need for an explicit exchange of numbers.

This will be particularly useful for users who may not want to give out their phone numbers but still wish to connect within the app.

The feature allowing users to create their usernames is currently being developed. It will be released in a future web client update.

We will publish another update once we have more information about this feature.

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