WhatsApp will soon Start Showing Status in Chat Window (2024)

WhatsApp will soon start showing status in chat window: A new feature of WhatsApp called the “profile info in chat” is currently being tested to see how it can be improved.

Currently, this new feature is being tested on Android devices using the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

In its latest beta release (version for Android OS, WABetaInfo first discovered that WhatsApp will soon start showing status in chat window under the contact’s name.

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WhatsApp will soon start showing status in chat window

As the screenshot shows, when offline, users will see their friend’s status under their name and alternatively switch between their last seen if they have enabled this option.

Nevertheless, this information will only be visible if you have allowed it in your privacy settings under WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will soon Start Showing Status in Chat Window
Image Source: Freefast.com official

This is really useful as you don’t have to tap on their profile picture every time and visit an entire page just to know whether they changed their status or not.

The same article also argues that people have been sharing their ideas with developers over the past years asking them to come up with similar functions.

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What does this mean for users?

For the new feature, it will allow the users to check a user’s status from within the conversation window rather than opening up a profile information screen.

This is good because you can tell if a contact is available to chat or if their status was just updated.

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When will this be released?

In one of future WhatsApp for android versions, such feature will be available for everyone.

However, it remains unclear whether developers have been working on a similar functionality on ios devices.

WhatsApp has been developing other features including but not limited to: ChatGPT-like AI-powered chatbot shortcut button; voice chats in group conversations; email verification for Android and iOS; and more for several months now.

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In this article we discussed how WhatsApp will soon start showing status in chat window.

WhatsApp is trialing a fresh characteristic that would display an individual’s status in the chat box directly, thus making it easier to know if somebody is online or active.

Although it is still being developed, the creators plan to introduce this function to all consumers during some next update.

This change would be convenient for WhatsApp users as they would no longer need to open up another page and look at someone’s status.

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