How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Phone?

How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Phone: Now all devices have the feature of accessing accounts on WhatsApp.

With this capability you can finally use two WhatsApp numbers on a single device. This will be especially useful, for those who prefer to keep their work and personal communications separate.

Before the only options available were to rely on third party apps or make use of your Android devices app clone feature or a backup phone.

In this article we will tell you about How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Phone.

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How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Phone?

Currently the multiple account feature on WhatsApp is only available for Android users.

However iOS users can expect to have access to this feature in the future. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to access this feature;

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone
  2. Then, tap on the vertical three-dot icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. After that select the Settings option.
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4. Tap the small down arrow beside your name on the top.

5. A tiny pop-up window at the bottom will appear. There, click on Add account.

6. Click on agree which will take you to the next page. Afterwards, key in your second WhatsApp account number on your main handset.

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7. This is now the page to verify your phone number. When you click “Continue,” WhatsApp will make a call to you for confirmation. If not, choose “Verify another way” so that a verification code is sent to you through SMS.

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8. After doing that, select Next after typing the name, adding a profile picture and completing other regular steps of creating a WhatsApp account.

It implies that it is possible to have two accounts simultaneously running on one phone. It should be noted however; this feature can only add two numbers.

Nevertheless, Android users know very well about the clone app feature which enables using four accounts on one phone at the same time.

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Methods for Changing Whatsapp Accounts

Adding a second number allows you to switch between the two numbers on WhatsApp. Once you have opened WhatsApp, tap on the vertical three-dot icon. Then, select “Switch accounts.

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After this, you should see the bottom account switcher pop up. You can now proceed with having chosen another account.

Adding a second WhatsApp account is similar to just switching accounts, but it is long and tiring. This is where the same account switcher directs you.

WhatsApp’s multi-account feature makes one wonder how notifications such as messages or calls are managed.

However, according to their official FAQ page, “you will receive notifications for new messages and calls,” though you will not be taken to the appropriate account at once.

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Whenever a notification comes in from your second account while using your first one, WhatsApp will display it and ask if you want to change accounts in order to read the message or pick up the call.

There will be an option called “Switch accounts” on such notification. So after doing that, you can now respond, answer calls or use that second account for anything else.

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How to Remove the Second WhatsApp Account

If you no longer wish to utilize your WhatsApp account or want to use it on a device here’s a simple way to remove it;

  • Access the account you want to remove and open WhatsApp settings.
  • Then, select the Account > Remove account option.
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  • Click on the “Remove account” button under the number associated with the account.
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  • Tap “Remove” in the pop-up that appears

That’s how you can add and utilize two numbers, on WhatsApp using your phone. This feature will be especially helpful for people in countries like India, Brazil and others.

It’s important not to mix it up with using the WhatsApp account on two phones as that’s a separate useful feature.

You can now also share your screen and have voice conversations within the WhatsApp messaging app? It’s similar to Discord.

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How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can someone have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

Answer. You can put up to two numbers on WhatsApp in the same phone by utilizing multiple accounts. This is helpful when you have two SIM cards being used in one device.

Q. Can I use one WhatsApp account on two phones?

Answer. You can link up to four devices with your WhatsApp account and use them together through the Linked Devices feature.

Q. Can someone read my WhatsApp messages from their phone?

Answer. Unless you have connected your WhatsApp account to another person’s gadget, you are safe.

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