Instagram users will soon be able to make any post private, and this is an amazing feature in 2024

Flipside is the feature Instagram is currently working on. Users will be able to choose which posts they want to display on their profiles. You can choose to make a certain post visible to only specific users. Tell us about it.

Instagram, a platform owned by Meta, is constantly introducing new features for its users’ convenience. The platform is currently working on a brand new feature. In the near future, Flipside may be available to users. Users will be able make specific posts private. Tell us about it.

A new feature is coming in Insta

Flipside is the feature that Instagram uses today. Users will be able to choose which posts they want to display on their profiles. You can make a post visible to only certain users. To hide a specific post, you don’t need to make your profile private.

What will be special for the Insta users in Flipside?

A recent report states that Flipside users will be able to create a private space, allowing them to control who can see their posts. This feature is currently under development.

When will the launch date be?

There is not much information available on this feature. Reports have revealed a lot of information on this new feature. Instagram is testing this feature and it may be released to users within the next few months.


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