Samsung Introduces AI-Powered Smart TV, Promising a Unique Viewing Experience (2024)

Samsung recently revealed their AI-enabled Smart TV that promises the optimal viewing experience.

Samsung AI TV: CES 2024, Samsung unveiled their latest television lineup. Their offerings included discrete displays with AI features as well as TVs with AI features. 

LG also unveiled high-end models, while Samsung unveiled an 8K projector to complete their offering. Let us explore their unique characteristics.

Samsung recently unveiled their smart TV lineup for 2024. Equipped with AI, these intelligent smart televisions come with various screen sizes and discreet displays of micro LED chips – giving users their first experience ever of this type of display technology.

Samsung recently unveiled an 8K projector featuring wireless connectivity. They have also added various functions to the Samsung Neo QLED TVs; we will go into more detail here.

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What Makes Samsung Neo QLED TV Stand Out? 

Samsung has introduced its NQ8 AI Gen3 processor into their Neo QLED TV series, featuring an NPU that’s twice as fast compared to previous generations of OLED TVs from 2024 onwards and coming in sizes up to 77 inches for brighter viewing than before.

Samsung TV screens will feature a 144Hz refresh rate. Their OLED displays will feature glare-free technology to preserve daylight colors while minimizing reflections. Furthermore, Samsung has introduced S90D and S85D TV screens ranging in sizes between 42 inches and 83 inches.

Smart TVs will feature Air Infinity designs with thickness of 12.9 millimeters. Smart TVs will offer many AI features within this line, such as eight-channel AI Upscaling Pro as well as AI Motion Enhancer Pro and Real Depth Enhancer Pro features for enhanced watching experiences.

These devices will feature Tizen OS 2024, with access to Samsung Gaming Hub accessories, Mobile Smart Connect, Multi Control 360 Audio and other features. 

Furthermore, audio subtitles will help make understanding things through AI easier.

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Samsung recently unveiled a transparent display using their products. At first glance, it looks like one large chunk of glass but micro LED chips used were actually transparent creating clear images. Furthermore, they also unveiled the Premiere 8K projector.

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