WhatsApp Beta Introduces New Device Control Features for Windows Users.

WhatsApp has released an update for its Windows native app on Official beta channels in the Microsoft Store, bringing the version to 2.2401.0.0.

WhatsApp has released an option to control output and input devices. The feature is accessible to beta testers!

Control INPUT and OUTPUT Devices Feature

After implementing a feature that will let users turn off the emojis when they type, WhatsApp keeps working on improving the desktop application by introducing new features to give users more control over the experience. 

In particular, following the installation of the most recent WhatsApp beta version for Windows 2.2401.0.0 update on Microsoft Store Microsoft Store, certain beta testers will be able to explore new settings that allow them to determine the input devices and output devices they use.

Control INPUT and OUTPUT Devices Feature
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In the image, the new option in the app settings may be accessible to certain users, allowing users to fine-tune and control their preferred devices for input and output. 

With this new feature, users are able to select their preferred camera microphone, speaker, and camera settings directly from their WhatsApp for Windows app, permitting them to choose between devices that are integrated and external. 

Before, they needed to go into the grounds of their system to set up their output and input devices to use WhatsApp, and this could be an arduous process. 

With the launch of this feature, the need to go through system settings is eliminated, which provides an easier experience for users.

The introduction of an option in WhatsApp for Windows that allows users to manage input and output devices such as microphones, cameras, and speakers will give users an enhanced experience that is more personalized. 

This feature lets users always use quality peripherals that meet their preferences and needs. 

This could result in better quality and audio of videos, as users are able to select premium audio and microphones for better audio and higher-quality cameras to produce sharper videos, which can lead to improved overall quality of calls.

The option to control output and input devices is now available to a few beta testers who have installed the most recent WhatsApp beta Windows update that was released via the Microsoft Store. 

If you aren’t seeing this update in the Microsoft Store, please note that it’s scheduled to roll into more customers in the next few days.

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