How to Know If Your Sent Email Has Been Read or Not? Very Easy Trick (2024)

How to Know If Your Sent Email Has Been Read or Not: Email Tracker for Gmail The biggest problem when sending mail is not knowing if the recipient has opened it or not. Here is a simple way to check. You will know in minutes. Please let us know.

Every user of a smartphone and internet uses email. Most users are unaware of some emailing tricks.

Often, we are asked to send our mail. We do not know if the mail was read. You will learn how to do this.

How to Know If Your Sent Email Has Been Read or Not – Easy Trick to Know

Installing a Chrome Extension on your desktop or laptop will allow you to check the status of any sent emails. Below is a complete explanation of the method.

Step 1 Firstly, you need to type Email Tracker for Gmail into the Google search bar.

Step 2 A Chrome extension will then appear with the same name. You will need to install it.

Step 3 After adding this extension to Chrome, you will need to meet certain terms and conditions.

Step 4 Now, whatever mail you sent, there will be two tick marks on it. This indicates that the recipient has read the message.

What is the difference between CC and BCC?

When sending mail, we are presented with the To option. To whom is the mail being sent?

CC means carbon copy. It is important to know who will appear in CC, and who will appear in TO. Both of them will see it.

BCC is a name that makes it clear what the acronym stands for. BCC stands for blind carbon copy. This copy will be kept completely confidential. Information sent to this user is confidential. BCC is the name of the user.


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