Microsoft has also included a Google feature to avoid Audio and Video issues During Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Microsoft has added audio-video features like Google to the Microsoft Teams Meetings app for its users. This feature will be introduced as a pilot feature in Microsoft Teams for Microsoft 365 Insiders as well as Teams Users of the Public Preview. 

With this feature, Microsoft users will be able to effortlessly adjust audio-video settings during meetings with no trouble.

Microsoft has added audio-video capabilities in the app for meetings to its users. The feature will be available in the first phase of Microsoft Teams, specifically for Microsoft 365 Insiders and Teams Public Preview users.

Audio-video settings can be easy to control in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams Meetings
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

With this technology, Microsoft users will be capable of easily controlling audio-video settings in meetings without trouble.

This feature is available to Mac users could face issues with selecting the device. But, this issue can also be expected to get solved soon.

The company claims that, after this new feature, customers won’t have to go through a myriad of settings options.

Users can access the AV features according to his requirements during the meeting. To access the settings quickly users need only one touch on the toolbar for meetings.

Other options are accessible through an on-side panel.

How do I access this feature?

  • In a meeting, you are able to press the camera button, along with the downward arrow, or the mic button located in the toolbar for meetings.
  • To access your side menu, select the More video options link or the More audio options at the end of the page.
  • It is also possible to access the settings using an additional action button located in the toolbar for meetings. Click here to access Video effects or Audio settings and settings.

It is reported that new features are being introduced in Google’s online video call as well as meetings and conferencing platforms Google Meet.

They include features such as video effects Studio lighting, studio sound to ensure excellent audio quality.


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