WhatsApp Set to Introduce Theme Color Option: Latest Updates Revealed! (2024)

WhatsApp Set to Introduce Theme Color Option: You can find important information here.

WhatsApp continues to provide a variety of unique features to its users. Its main goal is to give users with a better experience users. In keeping with this it is currently testing a new feature that users will be able to alter the style that you use to convey your message.

Additionally the company has also provided the option to edit stickers option for iOS users who are beta testers.

  1. WhatsApp constantly updates its app on a constant basis, ensuring the best experience for its users.
  2. The company will offer the option of selecting a themes for its customers.
  3. The company has introduced an edit sticker button to iOS Beta testers.

WhatsApp Set to Introduce Theme Color Option

WhatsApp Introduces Meta Verified Feature in Beta
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WhatsApp had a millions of customers throughout India as well as across the globe, who utilize various features of the application according to their requirements.

The company is also constantly updating its application and features, with fresh styles and options in order to provide the most enjoyable experience to its users.

Following this pattern, WhatsApp has again started testing some of its new features. The site is keeping an eye on the new features in the messaging app and announced that it will allow users to select the accent color for users.

In addition the company has also introduced the option to edit stickers button to iOS users who are beta testing. We’d love to hear about the feature.

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The report contains information that can be found in

Website for Feature Tracker WABetaInfo has reported that WhatsApp is currently working on an option that will allow users the option of modifying the theme accents for the application on iOS.

Alongside this The company has recently updated the appearance of the app for its beta versions running on iOS. You will now see green on certain areas within its interface.

It is expected that with the latest update the company will provide users the choice of five color themes, that they can select depending on their preferences. The company is currently developing this option.

In the report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has included some codes that indicate users are soon able to select new colors to design specific areas in the UI.

In these, you’ll notice the number of messages on Chat List, the circles surrounding the profile’s status bar, the color of the tabs for options below, and the color of a few buttons in the interface have changed.

In this, you’re presented with five color options that, apart from the green accents of WhatsApp blue, off-white and pink color are available.

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iOS beta version getting the ability to edit stickers

WABetaInfo has also announced that WhatsApp beta version for iOS the latest version offering a brand new feature. It is made accessible to users who want to test it via The Test Flight program.

With this help, iOS beta testers can make use of the edit button. With this feature beta testers can modify the sticker simply by tapping at the top of the sticker.

Additionally, you can use the Create Your Own button, that lets users make their own stickers using the application.

WhatsApp is currently working on the new feature, which will include a theme color options, giving users the ability to customize their colors. Get all the details on the new update coming soon here.

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